When the Church Was Young: Voices of the Early Fathers by Marcellino D'Ambrosio Ph.D.

By Marcellino D'Ambrosio Ph.D.

If the be aware trinity isn’t in Scripture, why is it such a major a part of our faith?
And if the Bible may be interpreted in lots of methods, how will we comprehend what to make
of it? And who made up our minds what could be within the Bible anyway?

The Church Fathers give you the solutions. those remarkable, embattled, and
occasionally eccentric males outlined the biblical canon, hammered out the Creed,
and gave us our realizing of sacraments and salvation. it's they who
preserved for us the wealthy legacy of the early Church.

D’Ambrosio dusts off the dry theology and brings you the intriguing tales and
nice heroes resembling Ambrose, Augustine, Basil, Athanasius, Chrysostom, and
Jerome. This page-turner will encourage and problem you with the lives and
insights of those seminal academics from while the Church used to be young.

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We call these men “apologists” since a major focus of their writings was to defend the faith against Christian heretics, Jewish critics, and pagan persecutors. D. D. 325. The Edict of Milan ushered in a phenomenal era of ferment and development. The Fathers following this watershed are known as the Nicene and post-Nicene Fathers. For the next two centuries, the central teachings of the faith were hammered out by four successive Ecumenical Councils. The styles of formal worship that we now know—the Roman liturgy of the West, the Byzantine and Maronite liturgies of the East––took shape during this time.

31 And this suffering with Christ for the Church was, for him, the perfection of discipleship. ”34 All seven of Ignatius’s letters are compelling. But the most moving is his letter to the church of Rome. In it, he begs the Roman Christians not to interfere with his martyrdom through some misguided love. He is called to give witness, to be one with his Savior, and so pleads with them not to intervene with the imperial authorities. “Forgive me,” he says. “I know what is good for me. ”35 I am voluntarily dying for God––if, that is, you do not interfere.

10. 1 Clement 5. 11. 1 Clement 46:2. 12. 1 Clement 63:2. 13. See 1 Corinthians 12:12ff. 14. 1 Clement 1:1. 15. 1 Clement 51. Chapter 3 The Didache: Out of the Mist of History Istanbul had always been a hotbed of intrigue and mystery. But the monk rummaging through the monastery library that fateful day in 1873 was looking for neither. He just wanted something edifying to read. When he happened upon a dusty old volume and opened the cover, he realized that he had found more than he had bargained for.

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