American Spyplanes by Mike Spick

By Mike Spick

Makes a pleasant present for an aviation or a chilly battle fanatic.

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M3 & M5 Stuart Light Tank 1940-45

The M3 and M5 relations of sunshine tanks have been the end result of yank tank improvement of the Thirties. by the point of the outbreak of the area warfare II, they have been forthcoming obsolescence, as tank forces in Europe have been moving from gentle to medium tanks because the major section of their armored forces. First coming into wrestle within the autumn of 1941 within the Western desolate tract with the British military, the Stuart quick proved its inadequacies.

Panzer II vs 7TP: Poland 1939

Hitler's lightning invasion of Poland in 1939 was once the true starting of global warfare II in Europe. This was once the interval while armored conflict inscribed itself into worldwide realization because the Poles desperately sought to stave off the Blitzkrieg. on the center of the battling at the flooring, huge numbers of Nazi Germany's PzKpfw II battled opposed to Poland's better-armed yet less a variety of 7TP tank.

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Nikita Khrushchev, First Secretary of the Ukrainian Central Committee, was deliberately kept in the dark, ‘Stalin told me that diesel engines were being manufactured at the Kharkov locomotive factory. Naturally I knew of this factory, but this was the first I’d heard about diesels being made there… . ’ German Armaments Minister Albert Speer examining a captured Model 1940 T-34. Notably, the tracks were almost 2ft wide; this greatly helped to spread the weight of the tank, allowing it to travel over mud and snow with ease.

Among the victims was Tukhachevsky, whose ideas were discredited by vengeful rivals. It was against this background that the T-34 was designed, developed and put into production – under such circumstances it was little short of a miracle. West of Moscow the Nazis discovered exactly what that miracle was. General Heinz Guderian commented: On October 6th 1941 our headquarters was moved forward to Sevsk. 4th Panzer Division was attacked by Russian tanks to the south of Mzensk [Mtensk] and went through some bad hours.

Then it struck me: the T-34 is the one weapon that truly won the Second World War. A bold statement I grant you, but when one considers the vastness of the Eastern Front the campaigns fought in France, Italy and North Africa and, indeed, in the Far East were just sideshows when it came to armoured warfare. Throughout the Second World War tank designs came and went, but the T-34 was the one constant from 1940 to 1945. After Hitler’s invasion of Russia the T-34 became the spearhead of the Red Army’s blitzkrieg that took it from Stalingrad and Kursk to the very heart of Berlin and victory over the Nazis.

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