Alexander Graham Bell: Making Connections by Naomi Pasachoff

By Naomi Pasachoff

Examines the character in addition to the idea procedures which led this inventor to his discoveries that have helped our figuring out of the wildlife.

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Even before his marriage and departure from the United States, things had started to go awry. In February 1877 he learned of an article in a Chicago newspaper challenging his claim to be the telephone's inventor. "The real inventor of the telephone— Mr. Elisha Gray, of Chicago—concerns himself not at all about the spurious claims of Professor Bell. . Mr. Gray's claims . . " A few days later, Bell received a letter from Gray asking for permission to demonstrate the Bell telephone in a lecture.

As they proceeded to test the telephone over longer distances, however, not all the results were encouraging. Partly for this reason, perhaps, and partly for financial reasons, sometime in the fall of 1876 Hubbard offered the Western Union Telegraph Company all rights to the telephone for $100,000. " But as Watson later noted, even text continues on page 58 55 A l e x a n d e r Graham Bell HOW A TELEPHONE T he word telephone comes from the Greek words for "far" (tele) and "sound" (phone). Today's telephone systems enable the sound of the human voice to travel completely around the world in a fraction of a second.

I was much struck by the disproportion in weight between the membrane and the bones that were moved by it; and it occurred to me that if such a thin and delicate membrane could move bones that were, relatively to it, very massive indeed, why should not a larger and stouter membrane be able to move a piece of steel in the manner I desired? At once the conception of a membrane speaking telephone became complete in my mind. . " Based on his new insight, the young man went so far as to sketch a primitive telephone.

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