AK-47: The Weapon that Changed the Face of War by Larry Kahaner

By Larry Kahaner

No unmarried weapon has unfold quite a bit uncooked energy to such a lot of humans in so little time—and had this kind of devastating effect—as the AK-47 attack rifle. This ebook examines the legacy of this world-changing weapon, from its production as technique of combating the Nazis to its ubiquity this present day in all types of clash, from civil wars in Africa to gang wars in L.A.

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The Soviet Union had finally geared itself for up-to-date sheet metal production technology, and the AKM was able to shed almost three pounds from the earlier milled version. This weight loss gave the gun an even greater cachet. Kalashnikov and his team also added a new trigger assembly component that increased the “cyclic rate” during automatic fire, meaning that less time elapsed between rounds, offering greater accuracy to inexperienced shooters. S. ordnance experts did not embrace the superiority of the intermediate round for modern combat.

Sometimes the distinctions between pistol and rifle rounds are not always clear cut because pistols can use large-sized rounds and rifles sometimes can use small-sized rounds. ”) This necessitated firing at close range to be effective, but the MP40 made up for this drawback by being lightweight, easy to handle, and able to stream bullets at an astonishing rate of 500 rounds per minute. The magazine, a device that automatically feeds ammunition into the gun, carried thirty-two bullets, or rounds in military parlance.

S. military. Still others refused a radical new design because they wanted a weapon that could be built using M1 machinery. In reality, they wanted an improved and automatic version of the M1, an impossible task. S. Ordnance Department. Studler had enjoyed an exemplary career, with a string of successes including the M1 steel helmet, the M3 submachine gun, and the Williams M1 Carbine. If anyone could get the bureaucracy moving on an automatic weapon, Studler was the man. While work was under way, international politics entered.

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