Air Force Combat Wings - Lineage, Honors Hists, 1947-77 by C. Ravenstein

By C. Ravenstein

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Wiedemann, in: Oesterreichische Vierteljahresschrift für katholische Theologie, 2 (1863), 70–88; Steinschneider, in: ZHB, 2, no. 112 (1897), 53–54; E. Werner in: Historia Judaica, 16 (1954), 46–54. [Chaim M. S. entrepreneur, philanthropist. Born in Detroit, the son of immigrants from Czarist Russia, Boesky rose to become one of the most successful arbitrageurs in the 1980s among private, professional Wall Street traders, only to run afoul of securities laws, for which he paid a $100 million fine and served 22 months in prison after agreeing to become a government informant, particularly against Michael *Milken.

This provoked Karl Gutzkow’s defense of Boerne as a maligned German patriot and led to an extended controversy. Many years later, the old Frankfurt Judengasse where he had lived was renamed “Boernestrasse” in his honor and, throughout the 19t century, Boerne and Heine were regarded as the major Jewish influences in German literature. Boerne’s Saemtliche Schriften (letters and writings) were edited in 1964–68. Bibliography: L. Marcuse, Revolutionaer und Patriot; das Leben Ludwig Boernes (1929).

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