Addison Wesley Chemistry 11 by Geoff Rayner-Canham et el.

By Geoff Rayner-Canham et el.

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21 Making Connections 7. The alkali metals react very vigorously with water. They tarnish quickly on contact with air. Suppose you are a marketing manager for a shipping company that is willing to transport alkali metals. 2) Trends in Periodicity You are a research chemist with one of the nuclear physics groups who is synthesizing new elements. The group members hope to prepare enough atoms of elements 116, 118, and 119 to be able to measure their physical properties. But how will you know if you really have made these elements?

9 The formula of magnesium chloride would be written as MgCl2, and the subscript shows that there are 2 chloride ions for each magnesium ion. The Crystal Lattice and Ionic Radii WEBLINK X-ray crystallography has enabled scientists, such as Dorothy Hodgkin (winner of a Nobel prize in chemistry), to discover the structure of molecules such as penicillin and vitamin B12. Write a report on her life and work. ca/chemistry11. Ionic compounds are crystalline solids at room temperature, and the arrangement of the ions in the crystals is studied by specialized chemists called X-ray crystallographers.

6. Describe the relationship between the group number and the electron configuration of the elements in a group. Applying Inquiry/ Communication Skills 7. Explain the difference between the following: a) isotope and radioisotope b) atomic number and atomic mass 18. Predict which element you think is the most reactive in the periodic table, and outline your reasons. 30 UNIT 1 Matter and Chemical Bonding Previous Section Contents Next Section 19. In an activity, you will be using qualitative observations to compare the reactions of elements in two groups: the alkali metals and the halogens.

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