Acupuncture Patterns and Practice by Xuemeii Li, Jingyi Zhao

By Xuemeii Li, Jingyi Zhao

Acupuncture styles & perform is a realistic, clinically orientated exposition of conventional chinese language analysis and acupuncture treatment. The ebook contains 9 sequence of instances, every one dedicated to a kind of sickness that's more often than not noticeable within the acupuncture health facility: universal chilly, cough, dizziness, headache, again soreness, painful obstruction (bi), wind-stroke, insomnia and palpitations. In all of the forty illustrative case histories the authors supply a step by step strategy for using the normal chinese language diagnostic artwork of differentiation of styles to those medical difficulties. greater than eighty charts graphically illustrate the cloth within the case histories, and every bankruptcy concludes with a diagnostic grasp chart.

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Liv-2 (xingjian) is a spring point and is effective in removing heat from the qi level. The use of G-34 (yang ling quan) and Liv-2 (xingjian) is well indicated when there is heat in either the Gallbladder or Liver. Follow-up Afterthe first treatment the patient felt much improved. He experienced less diz ziness, and his blood pressure dropped to 150/90mmHg. The next day all of his symptoms returned, however, and his blood pressure again rose to 160/100mmHg. He was treated three times a week for a total of fifteen treatments.

The entire diagnostic procedure for cough is summarized in the following chart. Which type of pathogenic Wind-cold type • White sputum - Wind-heat type Yellow sputum - Dryness type — Scanty sputum - factor? Is there Lung qi deficiency aversion to cold and fever? • White sputum • Phlegm-dampness retention in the - White sputum • Lungs L No (Internal Which type Phlegm-heat patterns of disorder? in the Lungs - Yellow sputum of cough) Liver fire affects the - - Yellow sputum Lungs Lung yin deficiency T INTERNAL/EXTERNAL i DEFICIENCY/EXCESS (DIAGNOSIS ACCORDING TO EIGHT PRINCIPLE THEORY) Yellow and "scanty sputum COLD/HEAT Characteristic of sputum Dizziness case 9: Female, age 63 Main complaint History Drowsiness and dizziness The patient's symptoms first began two months ago.

Spleen-deficiency Insufficiency of Heart qi caused by Spleen qi deficiency Stagnated heat disturbs spirit Dysftnction of LWer in free-flow of qi inducing a Spleen disorder LIVER SPLEEN Responsible for free-flow of qi, regulates qi activities for "ebtire body Spleen deficiency v pale <- Liver stagnation TONGUE CHANGE -> dark <& Yellow tongue coating ^ Heat from stagnation The emotional pathogenic factor has played a major role in the onset of this disorder. The Liver is commonly influenced by emotional upset.

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