A User's Guide to the Meade LXD55 and LXD75 Telescopes (The by Martin Peston

By Martin Peston

This ebook bargains a complete introductory consultant to "choosing and using" a sequence LXD55 or LXD75 computer-controlled ("goto") telescope, containing a wealth of priceless info for either novices and extra complex functional novice astronomers. The manufacturer’s manuals should not approximately particular adequate to be of actual aid to newbies. No different ebook bargains complex concepts for more matured LXD sequence users.

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The apparent magnitude of a star is the term used to describe how visually bright a star is to the naked eye, regardless of how far away it is from us. You could have a large star very far away or a smaller star close by and they can be similar in magnitude. It is not just stars that have apparent magnitudes. All celestial objects in the sky such as the Sun, Moon, Planets, Nebulae and Galaxies have their brightness determined the same way. These objects however, are not pin-points oflight when seen through binoculars or telescopes, but have a real apparent size in the sky.

The template has been tailor-made for users ofLXD telescopes, where details relating to the mechanics of the telescope, such as alignment or motor problems can be recorded. These notes may prove useful for solving set up problems during later observing sessions. You may wish to dedicate an entire observing session to a single object such as a Planet. In this case you can use observing record templates which have circular discs on them for you to sketch details on. These templates are freely available from the British Astronomical Association.

These templates are freely available from the British Astronomical Association. Youcan produce your own observing template using any word processing package. Alternatively, there are various astronomy computer programs and on-line facilities available on the internet for recording amateur astronomical observations. Their websites are listed in Appendix D. Getting More Information Astronomy resources are vast and cater for all astronomers; from the beginner to the very advanced . You may already have in your collection numerous astronomical materials that you refer to on a regular basis.

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