A Short History of Astronomy (University Extension Manuals) by Arthur Berry

By Arthur Berry

The Manuals are usually not meant for reasons of common schooling, yet for college kids who've made a few increase within the topic handled The assertion of information is intended to demonstrate the operating of basic legislation, and the advance of rules , whereas, the old evolution of the topic handled is saved in view, in addition to its philosophical significance

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This publication supplies an account of geological features of windblown fabric. Aeolian strategies play an enormous position in enhancing the skin of the Earth, and they're additionally energetic on Mars. also, they're suggestion to happen on Venus and probably Titan in addition. The authors describe the subsequent facets: wind as a geological technique, the aeolian atmosphere, physics of particle movement, aeolian abrasion and erosion; aeolian sand deposits and bedforms, interplay of wind and topography and windblown dirt.

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Epicycle of Jupiter relative sizes of the orbits of the earth and of a supenoi . m Stellar parallax . Uramborg 52 Tycho's system of the world PORTRAIT OF TYCHO BRAKE 53 54 . Sun-spots Galilei's 57 The 137 To face p . 58 The 150 To face p PORTRAIT OF KEPLER 165 .. daily libiation of the moon To face p, .. To face p. 59 An ellipse . 60 Kepler's second law 6 1 Diagram used by Kepler to establish his laws of planetary .. motion . 62 The " music of the spheres 63 Kepler's idea of gravity 64 Saturn 65 66 The phases s ring, as " according to Kepler 67 Saturn, with the ring seen edge-wise of Saturn's ring Eaily drawings of Saturn 68 Mais in opposition 171 173 183 185 1 86 187 190 196 .

Ml airangement was furthei impioved by the introduction, probably during the 5th century B c of the octaeteris, or eight-year cycle, in three of the years of which an additional " " full month was introduced, while the remaining years , " consisted as before of 6 " full " and 6 " empty months By this arrangement the average length of the year was icduced to 365] days, that of the month remaining neaily As, however, the Greeks laid some stress on unchanged beginning the month when the new moon was first visible, was necessary to make from time to time arbitiaiy alterations m the calendar, and considerable confusion it A 22 Short Histoiy of Astronomy resulted, of which Aristophanes his play The Clouds^ acted in m " Yet you makes the 423 B c.

20 1 he eclipse method and moon ot 45 47 connecting the di&tanccb ot the sun .... The mucase of the longitude 22 flic movement oi the oquatoi 21 23, 24. Hu 30 a oi stai ,. 53, , . , 29 riio sun aud moon 31 Paiallax 32 Rcii action *,, oi tlu 54 57 57 .. Put U ill eclipse oi UK moon Fotal i chpst" oi the moon 30 Aunulfu eclipse 52 53 pieeossion oi the equinoxes 25 1 ho oai th's shadow 26 The ecliptic and the moon's path 27 28 1 12 16 The curvature of the eai th The method of Austarchus for comparing the the sun and moon The cquatoi and the ecliptic The cquatoi, the hoiizon, and the meridian 6 1 8 58 ,.

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