A History of Medieval Islam by John Joseph Saunders

By John Joseph Saunders

Aren't the phrases "Medieval Islam" a redundancy? while has Islam ever no longer been "Medieval"? for instance, so that you can examine the historical past of the "Dark Ages", you may learn eighth and ninth century Europe, otherwise you may perhaps examine any Arab nation this present day that is guided through Islamic principles.

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The Seven Odes, London, 1957. A translation of and commentary on these famous poems. , Arabia Deserta, Cambridge, 1888. Garnett, 1931. Still the most vivid picture of Bedouin life before the changes of recent years. , La pénétration des Arabes en Syrie avant l’Islam, Paris, 1955. Encyclopaedia of Islam, new ed. 1954, arts. , Arab Seafaring in the Indian Ocean, Princeton, 1951. A good short account of the sea commerce of old Arabia. , Arabia before Muhammad, London 1927. Now somewhat out-of-date.

Even Khalid’s cavalry were unable to clear the ditch, and as the Muslims remained entrenched behind their defences, the Kuraish after a fortnight ran short of food and were obliged to retire. With this fiasco, Mecca shot its last bolt. It was clear by now that Muhammad would never be crushed by military force, and unless the Kuraish were prepared to face economic ruin, some kind of accommodation would have to be reached with him. This final failure sealed the fate of the Banu-Kuraiza, the last remaining Jewish clan in Medina.

Arabia’s millennium and more of recorded pre-Islamic history ended with the country still on the fringes of civilization. She was no Tibet, shut off from the rest of humanity; foreign influences— Hellenic, Persian, Christian, Jewish—had streamed in, but as yet she had been a mere passive recipient, and had given nothing to the world. Now she seemed to be sinking back into barbarism. The old civilized lands of the south were decayed, depopulated, and under alien domination; their dialects were dying out, and were being replaced by forms of Arabic spoken by the more backward peoples of the north and written in a new script possibly devised by Christian missionaries from Hira.

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