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Tools of Timekeeping: A Kid's Guide to the History & Science of Telling Time (Tools of Discovery series)

Kids will examine all approximately innovations: their inventors, the way in which they replaced background, and their evolution over centuries, during the actions and anecdotes supplied during this interactive sequence. From historical civilization's earliest calendars and shadow clocks to the atomic clocks of this present day, the background of time dimension emerges during this interactive advisor.

Eyewitness: Technology

Observe the methods expertise has remodeled daily life-from the biggest constructions to the smallest digital units. choked with magnificent colour illustrations and engaging proof, this hugely informative consultant explores all points of know-how, from historic artifacts to the newest advances in computer-aided layout.

Strange but True!

Unusual yet actual! is an eye-popping number of severe, strange, and cryptic animals, locations, and phenomena. come upon mouse-eating vegetation, input the cave of 20 million bats, dip a toe in a rainbow-colored river, detect zombie snails, frozen frogs, and volcanic lightning, and meet snakes which may devour alligators or antelopes.

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3 The tree grows for a few years, getting bigger and bigger. One spring, it grows a lot of flowers. 5 Apple trees grow from very small seeds. The seed has a hard seed coat to protect the plant inside. 1 In the fall, the apples begin to get ripe. Some apples will stay mostly green, while others ripen to yellow or a bright red. We will eat them and find seeds inside! 7 The Five Senses Sight is one of the five senses. I use my eyes to see. Teacher Tam 2014 Version A Touch is one of the five senses.

It protects some parts of my body. My body has a brain. It is very important because it controls my whole body. My brain tells my muscles and senses what to do. It thinks, learns, and remembers. It even helps me read this book! 1 7 All About Insects Ladybugs, fireflies, and bees are insects, too. Teacher Tam 2014 Version A 2 head thorax Most insects lay eggs. After they hatch, insects go through metamorphosis. Their bodies change a lot. 6 abdomen Insects have six legs and three body parts. 4 An insect’s skeleton is on the outside of its body.

Kangaroo and koala babies are born alive, but they finish growing in a pouch. 4 A baby mammal drinks milk from its mother’s body. The Dayak fruit bat drinks milk from the body of its father. 3 Mammals are warm-blooded. Their bodies stay the same temperature, even if it is cold or hot outside. This is one reason why mammals can live in different climates all over the world. 5 Dogs, cats, and bats are mammals. Dolphins, whales, and kangaroos are mammals, too. How are they all alike? 1 Mammal parents spend a lot of time with their young.

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