20 mm. A.A. Gun

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L:~·:- pon t:-Ott'. the = Figure ~5-Breech bolt hns orricd ortrid~e into posmon to be fired. Rear hamn1er toe on hnmmer plate; front h3mmer tots in recess in breech c:lSlng PAGE 58 CHAPTER 5 RECOILING PARTS AND BUFFERS fired cartridge. The hammer plnte cam surfaces are arranged so that the front toes are clear when the re~r toe is operating, and the rcverst is also true. The three conditions of the operation of the striker gear are: 1. Breech block is traveling forward: Figure 44, it has picked up a cartridge.

OE·l320 and l)£ .. :ch ~sing. L>ev<' (C)f. t:-HSl is nc)t U:k'd. s~t! Pl~~ 147. ••L:uer n\cd~o: 1cn5. :e ~ w:r,.. s :··:. iner 29966G·i . See Pa~c t:)s. •• .. · r 1u::d w:re bi6:"':'e. r. ~ £~5. :? nd ()[. :1~ 1 :. 'ur<: 43. ·ci. -coi:. Ju. :r c~~in~ cushions th·.. r:" nttUk JrotOp! eaivn. m: 2~. tnC. ~t.. 'C'il Oo;t i! trike- (\1r. al'nm~r. rl1cr. ··t! ~~cC ir. ' ... u·r. ::n::~: ~rt 1 •• c ........ : o{ th~ hamn~¢:" h:o ~a .. a~ q~:'in. H ~ ~"C' .... ,. r. l2i. lt'\!

6. u nism. :vcr the tri~n,rer is rel~sed during firln1. and. ~s the recoiling m:LSs is moving forward At high speed. L"lere is a severe shock 3t :he moment of interception. The trigger buffer springs cushion this shock, thereby protecting the s~r and c:i~c:: hook. T here arc lifteen trigger buffer springs (R), Figure 24. mounted in the trigier casing (C), Figtu e 2-!. '\:dl e:t:iing by the h~nd grip mou:uing piece. itn~. :coiling ma:;s.

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