1001 Gruesome Facts: The Gross, the Ghoulish and the by Helen Otway

By Helen Otway

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Qxd 12/6/07 9:37 am Page 42 42 1001 Gruesome Facts You can get Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) from eating shellfish that have fed on toxic algae. Muscular and respiratory paralysis (which is death, basically) can occur within hours of digestion. Butter and yogurt made from camel’s milk are light green. They taste like buttered chicken. Livermush is a popular product in the southern United States, made from pig’s liver, pig’s head and cornmeal. Brendan Brockbank won the World Pie-Eating Contest in Wigan, England, by wolfing down a humungous pie in just 37 seconds!

If not, altitude takes less than 10 seconds for your blood sickness will occur. qxd 11/6/07 5:13 pm Page 30 30 1001 Gruesome Facts Cauliflower ear is caused by blood clots forming on the ear after being hit or by skin being torn from the ear’s cartilage, making ugly lumps and bumps. Boxers often suffer from this, but it’s probably best not to point it out if you meet one! Inventors Michael Zanakis and Philip Femano patented a fart-powered toy rocket in 2005. Eating asparagus produces a chemical called methanethiol that makes urine smell of rotten cabbage.

When the clothes are worn, the eggs hatch and the larvae burrow into the skin, creating boil-like sores for the maggots to grow in. The skin rubs against the surface of the eyeball and can cause sight loss. British performance artist Mark McGowan spent two weeks sitting on a London street with his raised arm strapped to a lamppost, draining the blood from his arm and possibly causing muscle damage. He called this anti-war protest The Withered Arm. All your bodily functions stop when you sneeze… even your heartbeat!

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